Do you have a passion for curating beautiful blooms and floral decorations?

Do you possess a creative flair for floral trends?

Are you someone who has a gung-ho attitude and is always ready to get your hands dirty?

Are you a passionate learner who loves being around flowers and greenery?

If you've answered yes to all these questions, apply for a position with us now! We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join our vibrant and energetic team!

We would love to know more about you so please include in your application, at the very least, a resume and any relevant portfolio.


Available Positions

1. Florists/ Florist Assistants

- Experience in Floristry preferred

2. Trainee (min. 3 months commitment required)


Please also provide responses to the following questions in your application:
1. A short self-introduction
2. How many hours you are available to work
3. Attach appropriate documentation from your university/school
4. Let us know what you want to contribute to the team

5. Any creative endeavours you would like to share


We are open to anyone who is dedicated and keen in learning the art of curating floral decorations! Whether you’re in the industry of graphic design, events, interior work or anything similar, we would love for you to bring your creativity to our team!

Email your applications to today!