How to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Any Occasion

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right flowers for any occasion?


The perfect bouquet can say “I love you,” “congratulations,” or “I’m sorry.” For thousands of years, we have used flowers to speak for us when we aren’t sure what to say. But how do you choose a flower that expresses what you’re trying to communicate?

Picking up a floral arrangement before a special occasion might seem like enough. However, choosing flowers with intention will show that you put time and effort into the sentiment.  


Guide to Choosing the Right Flowers

Our guide to choosing the right flowers explains the meaning behind the different flower types and colors. For example, it’s common knowledge that red roses are a symbol of love. But which flowers symbolize a birthday or condolences? Knowing the answer will help you gift the best collection of flowers – every time!


Birthday Flowers

The best birthday flowers will always be someone’s favourite flowers! However, if you aren’t sure what their favourite flower is, their birth month flower is a good choice.

Here is a list of birth month flowers:

  • January – Carnation and Snowdrop
  • February – Violet and Primrose
  • March – Daffodil and Jonquil
  • April – Daisy and Sweet pea
  • May – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn
  • June – Rose and Honeysuckle
  • July – Larkspur and Water Lily
  • August – Gladiolus and Poppy
  • September – Aster and Morning Glory
  • October – Marigold and Cosmos
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Narcissus and Holly


Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers should flow nicely with the overall theme, the venue, and the décor. Some couples might prefer flowers that are a certain colour, while others opt for seasonal bouquets.


Flowers can also be chosen for their meaning. Here are a few that represent love, joy, and devotion:

  • Peonies
  • Calla Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Amaryllis
  • Gardenias


Condolence Flowers

Condolence flowers are typically given when someone passes away. You can send a condolence bouquet to family members of the deceased or have them included in funeral arrangements. 

Here are some flowers that represent eternal love, grief, and sympathy:

  • Orchids
  • Pink Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Crimson Roses
  • White Roses


Flowers for New Baby

Flowers for a new baby are usually chosen to represent a baby’s gender – blue for a boy and pink for a girl. However, you can also opt for gender-neutral flowers, like white or yellow. No matter which colours you choose, it’s best to go with soft pastel colours.


Here are the best flowers for new babies, by colour:

  • White: Daisy, Chrysanthemum, and Hydrangea
  • Pink: Lily, Carnation, and Gerbera
  • Blue: Hydrangea, Iris, and Cornflower
  • Yellow: Sunflower, Daffodils, and Daisies


I’m Sorry Flowers

I’m sorry flowers help communicate your regret after a mistake. A beautiful bouquet is a perfect way to say, “I want to make things right.’


These flowers are best for saying sorry:

  • Blue Hyacinths
  • Pink Carnations
  • Pink Roses
  • Lily of the Valley
  • White Orchids
  • Sunflowers
  • White Tulips


The Perfect Bouquet is at The Florté

The Florté is a homegrown floral studio in Singapore. We are dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect flowers to say how they feel. Contact us today or visit our studio for handpicked floral arrangements!

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