Floral Linguistics - Roses

Over here at The Florté you can find many beautifully put together floral products from Bouquets to Bloom Boxes to Vases. We use varieties of unique flowers as actors in our play. One of the most commonly casted flowers here are Roses. Roses are absolutely wonderful creations with their sophisticated folds, luxurious colours and pompous fragrance.

Have you ever wondered what do roses mean and the number of roses used can mean to your receiver? It is important to know such Floral Linguistics, especially if you’re looking to please your Mother-in-Law or to propose a marriage to your girlfriend.

General Meaning of Roses

Roses have been around for nearly 32 million years, and in ancient times, were used for celebrations, fragrances and in medicine. It was also considered legal tender by the Royalty who used Roses very frequently in the past. Today, Roses say “I love you” and is almost quintessential in one’s declaration of romantic feelings to the receiver.

Different Types of Roses

We generally see 3 different kinds of roses in Singapore – Spray, Modern and the David Austin Rose.


Spray Roses are generally smaller blooms with short individual stems shooting out from each stalk.


Modern Roses are commonly seen and known.



While David Austin Roses are created by genetically cross-breeding Modern Roses with Old Garden Roses. Hence, David Austin Roses hold characteristics of both – repeat flowering capability, wide variety of colours and are fragrant. However, they are expensive, susceptible to diseases and might not be as hardy as modern roses. They have a unique appearance, with numerous infolding petals that makes them look prosperous and well-bloomed.


Different Colours of Roses and their Significance

Here is a straightforward description of the different colours spotted on roses and the significance they carry:


Red– Love, Passion, Honesty, Bravery

Blue– New Opportunities and Possibility, Mystery

Orange– Enthusiasm, Desire and Fascination

Yellow – Friendship, Joy, Respect

Pink – Elegance, Gracefulness, Gentleness

Lilac – First Emotions of Love

White– Purity, Loyalty, Reverence, Humility, Sincerity

Coral - Desire

Peach – Desire, Anticipation, Appreciation

Pastel Colours – Friendship, Sociability


Numerology of Roses

Let’s start with a single stalk as (we do with all floral products..)

A Roseis to mark your ‘Love at First Sight’ or to say ‘You’re the only one for me.’

2 Rosesare for those whom you are deeply in love with.

3 Rosesspell I love you.

6 Rosesis a great way to subtly indicate that you want to take things to the next level.

8 Rosesshow your support for a family or a friend going through a tough time.

10 Rosesis a powerful way to speak of the perfection you see in the other.

13 Rosesfor the secret admirers to give.

16 Roseswishes ‘Bon Voyage’.

17 Rosesare reserved only for your wife.

19 Rosesto tell of your promise to wait for the other.

20 Rosesto signify your sincerity and belief.

25 Rosesto wish someone all the happiness in the world.

30 Rosesto signify your faithfulness.

33 Rosestell of your affection.

36 Rosesreminds the other of all the romantic times you spent together.

40 Rosesconfesses your genuine love for a special someone.

50 Rosesfor your promise of unconditional love.

66 Roseswhen you promise your love will never change.

77 Rosesfor the one whom you believe is your soulmate.

88 Roses for your big apology to someone.

99 Rosescommits your love till the day you die.

100 Rosesa great devotion.


Our Products

Did the language of Roses stir and invoke a desire in your heart today? Here at The Florté we have many products featuring Roses such as our well-loved Eternity Rosabella Bloom Box and our Rustic French Garden Bouquet.


Explore further on website or head over to our Instagram and Facebook page to pick your favourite love confession for the one you have in mind today!

If you would like to customise a special order instead, do contact us at +65 9828 3370 or email us at enquiries@theflorte.comand we will gladly assist the desires that rosein your heart after this read!

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The Florté Team 

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