Keep Fond Memories Alive with these Bloom Preservation Methods

Keep Fond Memories Alive with these Bloom Preservation Methods
- Ways to Preserve Your Flowers Forever -
The beauty of flowers do not have to fade over time! Keep your fondest moments alive in the form of preserved flowers. One of the things people love to keep and treasure are Flowers as they cherish the feelings and memories associated with it. For example, many brides choose to preserve and keep their bridal bouquets as it reminds them of their wedding and the joy they felt. Even as years pass, preserved flowers retain their loveliness and charm. They also bring a touch of nature to your home!
We compiled a list of Ways you can Preserve your Fresh Blooms to keep your perfect memories alive and some tips on deciding which Bloom Preservation Method works best on you. 
Our first Big Tip when it comes to choosing a method to preserve your flowers is deciding which way will be the most practical and can be easily implemented into your home design. Choose a method that suits your home's aesthetics which will result in a piece of art that can be displayed in your home all year round. 
Dry Flowers by Hanging them Upside Down



A simple way to preserve flowers is to let them air dry. You can arrange your dried flowers in a vase after and display it in your house. 


    1. Hang the flower stems up upside down, one by one instead of lumping them together so each will have the best dried form possible
    2. Let them air dry for at least a week or linger in a dry, temperate area. 


Difficulty: Very Easy



 Press the Flowers



Pressed Flowers are a great way to show your style and customisation however, it is a technique that requires skill so hiring a professional might be a good option if you are unsure. Arrange the pressed flowers in a clear photo frame and hang it in your house to add some jazz! 


    1. Lay a sheet of parchment paper in a thick book and arrange your flowers of similar thickness on top, separating the petals if needed.
    2. Add a second sheet of parchment paper on top of the flowers and flatten the flower face into how you would like. 
    3. Close the book and set a weight on top and wait 2-4 weeks for the flowers to dry depending on its thickness. 


Difficulty: Normal - Hard (Requires Practice)



 Preserving using Resin



Use clear epoxy resin to preserve your flowers in decorative pieces or even turn them into beautiful accessories that you can wear out! Some of our favourite ideas are Preserved Flower Paperweights & Earrings.


    1. Get a mould of the decorative piece you would like to make. Fill the mould halfway with clear epoxy resin and arrange the flowers in the fluid. 
    2. Then fill the mould up to the top and let it dry. Give it about 3 days and take the mould out to reveal your decorative piece. 


Difficulty: Hard 




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