Purchasing Guideline

Purchasing Guideline

How to Purchase our Products Online


  1. Click on the product you wish to buy

Choose from our wide array of flower products! Dried, Fresh, Wrapped or Box – We have it all!

  1. Fill in the relevant details required

Specify the colour of your box, accompanying rose, preferred wrapper and so on. Provide us with your personalised message for your special one too! We’ll have it printed in our handwriting font and attach the card to your product.

  1. Click on ‘Add to Cart’

We love directive descriptors! Help us make the perfect arrangement you imagined by adding notes in the “leave a note with your order” box at check out, extra points for creative writing.

  1. Delivery days and time

Deliveries are available every day with the exception of certain Public Holidays and selected dates. These dates will be blocked out on our calendar at check out.

We undertake to deliver within the following delivery windows:


Weekday 11-3pm / 3-7pm
Weekends 10-2pm / 2-6pm


Deliveries are carried out by trusted 3rdparty delivery services and personnel to ensure your flowers are always in safe hands

  1. Types of delivery and time

Do note:

All standard deliveries to Singapore-registered addresses will be charged at $15.00 charge. Neighbouring district which will be charged at $10.

(Neighbouring district delivery charge is excluded for seasonal collections)

Specific Time Delivery - If you require a specific time, or a delivery time that is outside of the available time slot, there will be an additional $10 charge for it. Upon confirmation, we will be in touch with you to process the additional charges manually.

  1. Fill in Details Required and Confirm Purchase.

Provide us with your contact details, shipping details and confirm your purchase.

Shipping details (Recipient’s details)
Billing details (Yours)

Now, simply sit back, relax and await your beautiful blooms.


The Florté Team 

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