Wedding Styling with The Florté - A Florist's Role

Wedding Styling with The Florté - A Florist's Role

The Florté's Guide to Weddings

In the wondrous world of weddings, there exists a magical art that transforms ordinary venues into ethereal spaces. Whilst many think that Florists tend to only focus on the blooms, The Florté stands apart by mastering the art of wedding styling from the first spark of inspiration to the enchanting execution. 

Discover the hidden potentials of floral artistry and how it weaves a singular, timeless aesthetic to your wedding by unifying all styling elements to dance in harmony. 


What is the role of a Florist in a Wedding? - FAQ with The Florté 

Florists pay a pivotal role in crafting a cohesive and captivating wedding aesthetic. From envisioning the style to seamless execution, a florists expertise ensures that all styling aspects ties together harmoniously, with florals at the heart of it all.

So what exactly is a florist's role in a wedding? Where does our work begin & where does it end?

Lets start with some FAQs on the services The Florté provides to our wedding clients. 


1. Can a florist help us to choose our wedding style that suits our preferences? 

We believe wedding styles are a true reflection of a couple's personality and tastes. It is best for couples to already have a vision and preferences that we can work towards and discuss on together. Our journey begins by understanding your vision, desires and even dislikes so that we can conceptualise a style that reflects your unique love story.  


2. Can a florist integrate florals with other decorative elements provided by our wedding planner/stylist? 

Absolutely! Collaboration is key to achieving a cohesive wedding set up. We work closely with wedding planners and external vendors to ensure the floral design seamlessly compliments all other decorative elements. The Florté is also armed with contacts of vendors who specialise in unique, customised decorations that couples may be interested in. 

3. What aspects of the wedding set up do florists cover? What does the set up process entails for florists?

The Florté meticulously incorporates florals into various elements such as stage backdrops, aisle decors, table settings, photobooths and many more to create depth and ensure that the floral design seamlessly ties everything together. Our role as florists extends from the initial planning to the execution of your big day where we handle all floral installations and adjustments to ensure every detail is picture perfect.  


4. Can you accommodate specific flower preferences or unique materials into the wedding set up?

Definitely! Your preferences are important to us and we take pride in sourcing for the freshest, finest blooms for your big day! With that being said, certain flowers are seasonal hence their availability will be dependent on when your wedding is. Our goal is to create breathtaking arrangements with your flower and material preferences that speaks your unique vision. 


5. Are florists responsible for conceptualising all other design outside of florals such as Menu Card Design, Fonts, etc.

A florists key expertise lies in floral design and wedding styling, however some florists have additional skills and creative talents. Design conceptualisation of items such as Fonts, Menu Cards and such typically falls under the domain of wedding planners and graphic designers. With that being said, The Florté takes pride in collaborating with partners and designers to create a cohesive theme. Our team is open to coordinating with designers to match design elements with the chosen floral theme and will be happy to assist couples seeking assistance in other design elements outside of floral design. This will fall under our Simplistic Wedding Package which will be quoted upon request. 


The Florté cherishes the privilege of turning our couple's dreams into reality by creating a wedding that reflects your love story in every intricate detail. Cheers to love, joy and the beginning of your happily ever after! 


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