Weekly Vase, Subscription


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Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription


Embark on a floral journey with our latest Weekly Vase, Subscription that promises to infuse your living space with unrivalled beauty & sophistication. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our expert florists as they craft exquisite arrangements that perfectly complements the vases included in your subscription.

What you can expect:


1. Weekly Floral Vase Delights - Every week, subscribers will receive a carefully curated floral arrangement accompanied by a vase meticulously chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic. 


2. Unpredictable Elegance - Embrace the element of surprise as our florists work their magic without constraints. Subscribers will not have the option to select specific flowers or colour palettes. Instead they'll get to experience the thrill of receiving a unique arrangement every week where the choice of hues and blooms are left entirely to the artist. 


3. Value Based pricing - Regardless of size of the arrangement or vase, subscribers can rest assured that they are getting the best value of their subscription. The cost of every arrangement will be consistent, meaning that variations in size are balanced by the use of exquisite, high-quality flowers. 


4. Allergy Considerations - We prioritise your well-being. Subscribers have the option to specify any allergies they may have, ensuring that their floral experience is not only visually appealing but also safe. 


5. Flexibility After the 1st Month - After the first month of subscription, subscribers have the freedom to choose if they want to continue receiving new vases & arrangements every week. Alternatively they can opt to receive only the arrangements, giving them the liberty to display the blooms in the vases they collected previously.


By ordering the subscription, subscribers are agreeable towards everything mentioned above.


Enjoy the flexibility of rescheduling, to skip a week or even change your frequency for the plan you signed up for! You just have to inform us 2 days in advance!

Standard delivery charges has been included


Immediate checkout available. All subsequent floral deliveries will be done on the same day of the week for the selected period. You may contact us via WhatsApp at +65 9828 3370 to enquire its availability. 


Min. Height 45cm

Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription
Weekly Vase Subscription