Flowers Of Fall

Flowers Of Fall

The bright jingling of keys against the wind that rouses dry, crisp leaves that have filled the pavement over the past week, the smell of fresh lavender that caresses our noses as we push open the door to the studio. These had just arrived yesterday for a customer expecting a “fragrant” floral arrangement.

As we pass the long row of refrigerators stocked full of flower varieties too numerous to count, the anticipation of fall’s blooms begins to grow.

Shorter daylight each day typically would mean that plants are preparing themselves for the cold season - not a period where they would be looking to flower without sufficient light and warm temperatures. Flowering takes a lot out of any plant and some of our petalled friends reveal their true colours only after taking a whole season (summer) to prepare themselves for blooming.


I love the splendour of thy sunset skies,

The gorgeous hues that tinge each falling leaf,

Lovely as Beauty’s cheek, as woman’s love too brief.

- William Cullen Bryant



The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source: Fresh_Farmhouse

Source: Fresh Farmhouse Tumblr

A very popular flower in Asia best known for its use in Chinese tea blends, the chrysanthemum has earned itself an endearing label, “Mum”. And rightfully so, with Australians loving to present them to mothers on Mother’s Day. Characterised by their petite petals growing in thick layers, a chrysanthemum in full bloom has a beautiful geometry of petals that reach upwards, tapering off towards the ends.


Native to Asia, Europe and Africa, chrysanthemum flowers last between 1 to 2 months and are a great alternative to summer blooms when these become less available in the fall. Their dizzying array of colours gives florists wonderful options for coordinating colour accents.



The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source:

Source: Pheasant Acre Plants

To the untrained eye, a dahlia could easily be mistaken for a chrysanthemum, mainly with the way its petals grow out tapered and in thick layers. Yet, a closer look would reveal a distinct difference - wider/more rounded petals as well as two-toned colours.


As the national flower of Mexico given its long-standing history with the Aztecs as a medicinal herb, it is native to the country’s mountainous regions and within Central America. Its wide variety of flowering styles, ranging from single petals to more popularly recognised ones such as pompoms and “dinnerplates”, excuse its relatively shorter vase life of 5 days.



The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

Commonly spelled “cockscomb” after the combs on a rooster’s head, the iconic “ruffles” of this beautiful flower also closely resemble the ruffles on a flamenco dancer’s dress. We have always been left in awe at nature’s beauty when we gaze at the intricacies of the coxcomb’s textured details.


Not native to any country in particular, these flowers can be found primarily in cooler climates and have a vase life between 1 to 2 weeks. They adorn home gardens beautifully but we especially love how they can quickly transform vase arrangements and wreaths. Even as dried floral options, their striking colours still elevate the appearance of flowers put together.


Japanese Anemone

The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source:


Delicate, sweet and innocent are qualities we have always thought the Japanese anemone to have evoked in us. Most commonly found in white and pink variations, it features a disk centre surrounded by dense yellow anthers, creating an immediately attractive sight.


Whilst delicate looking, they actually thrive well with little maintenance required except for a request of ample shade. Their population is scattered across the world but can mostly be found in the woodlands of Europe, North America and North Asia. As smaller-sized flowers, they are best placed towards the top in vase or bouquet arrangements.



The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source:


If flowers had a golden ratio of proportions, we would very much like for cosmos to be the standard namely for the way every single petal appears to grow opposite from each other. It may not always appear this way visually but as a whole, we have been completely drawn in. White, pink, fuchsia, yellow, red and orange are but some of the colours these lovely flowers present themselves in. They grow well in tropical climates within the US such as regions around Los Angeles and South America.


We prefer them double-flowered when adding to floral arrangements because they last longer that way, though no more than a week.


Queen Anne's Lace

The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source: flickr - lance_mountain

Source: Flickr - lance_mountain

Another delicate variety amongst our collection of flowers in the fall is Queen Anne’s lace or more commonly known as ammi maju in Asia. Some people may mistake it for baby’s breath but notice the way its individual flowers grow - fanned out while still maintaining the shape of a cluster. Queen Anne’s lace is white against long green stems and are used primarily as filler flowers in floral arrangements, both fresh and dried.


Found all over Europe and Asia, these blooms typically last no more than a week after flowering but their versatility in beautifying arrangements with their dried forms positions them as an incredibly popular pick amongst florists.



The Florté | Flowers Do Fall Blog Post | Source:


The final bloom to make our list this fall, strawflowers (otherwise called “helichrysum”) always remind us of decorative paper flowers with the way their petals appear - narrow, long, pointy and somewhat flimsy. Yet, there’s nothing flimsy about this flower. Native to Australia, they require little care and are tough plants with colourful varieties as a bonus from Mother Nature.


From yellow to white to purple and so many others, these blooms have a vase life between 1 to 2 weeks and even longer when used dried. They hold a fruity scent and can be used as potpourri mix but are still better valued for producing helichrysum essential oil.


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,

Our whole life would change.

- Buddha


Reading about Nature’s gifts to us is one thing but the fascination can never come as close to holding them in your hands. At The Florté, we’ve handpicked 6 diverse floral arrangements from our collection of bouquets and Bloom Boxes to bring flowers like ammi maju, helichrysum and others to you.


Ballerina, Bloom Box

Reminiscent of a ballerina’s tutu, the Ballerina Bloom Box exudes femininity and is handcrafted with the freshest premium flowers. Available in several colour themes, enjoy the way ammi maju softens the entire arrangement.


Purple Paramour, Bouquet

A seductive medley of lilac and ivory roses, matthiolas and Queen Anne’s lace, this timeless and classic bouquet is dedicated to the lady in your life who keeps an air of mystery and sweetness around her. Intoxicating!


Sweet Surprise, Bloom Box

The sweetest bestseller at our studio, this Bloom Box is a burst of fluffy, rustic champagne and envelope white eustomas with blush pink sweet avalanche roses. Truly a sweet surprise, these summery pastel colours will bring life and joy into any space.


Succulents & White, Bouquet

The least prickly succulent across our entire collection, pristine, white blooms mingle freely with fresh greens where we’ve added soft touches of olive leaves and juicy succulents. A modern and calming interpretation of a white desert, the succulent can be repotted too.


The Aussie, Bouquet

Moved by the open petals of Japanese anemone, we’ve run with another of The Florté’s bestsellers - Phalaenopsis Orchids. An ode to Australian floristry, this enormous and extraordinary bouquet features exquisite and luscious blooms such as garden roses and white phalaenopsis orchids. Wrapped in kraft paper and burlap, The Aussie frequently takes us to the outback!


Wildflower Field, Bouquet

Dreaming of running your hands through wildflowers? Our collection of preserved pampas grass, cotton flowers, lavender and baby’s breath grant any wild hearts their wish. This rustic bouquet will shine best against a white or wooden interior.


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